About Balian

Balian seems to be a place that most people just stumble upon, and once here, they don't want to leave. You'll understand what I am talking out if you make it out this way.

Best known for its surfing, Balian also offers many other things like yoga, fishing, mountain biking, and trekking. There are also plenty of places nearby that are well worth checking out. Like a waterfall and water hole.

If you just want to sit back and relax, get a massage, do some Yoga, or just surf your brains out, then Balian is the place to be! It's just about 65 km from Kuta (1.5 hr drive) located in West Bali. You wont find any annoying vendors or hair braiders here, just really friendly villagers going about there everyday lives!

Balian itself is surrounded by beauty. Towering coastal cliffs with a lush green countryside. The local cafes are a great place to sit and watch the surfers as well as a few cold sunset beers.

For surfers Balian Beach offers one of Bali's most consistent waves. This river mouth break offers lefts and rights which are usually two to three feet bigger than in Kuta. Balian is 25 minutes from the left-hander at Medewi. There are other unknown spots within the vicinity for the more adventurous surfers. You'll have to find those on your own.


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